Client: IKEA
Location: Brisbane
Surface Area: 700m2
Completed: 2015
Value: $4,900.00


IKEA Springwood job was completed in August 2014 as the store wanted to create an outdoor area for their outdoor furniture and plants etc in the middle of the store. The biggest challenge with this job was the time schedule as there were many other trades working on the project at the same time that needed to put up racking and lighting etc. as well as the pedestrian traffic had to be diverted around the site whilst the project was being performed in the middle of the store. A plan was devised with IKEA management and put in place for us to stick to. Our task on this job was to prepare the slab for a cover crete coating to be sprayed ontop so full dust extraction was required and the job had to be completed in one day. We put our three phase equipment to work providing a nice key to the substrate for the coating to stick to. The project was completed on time as our team worked around the clock to make it happen.